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Microfibre Drying Coat

Microfibre Drying Coat

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๐Ÿพ 1. THE FAST & EASY WAY TO DRY YOUR DOG: The Premium Microfiber Doggy Drying Device offers the easiest and most effective method for swiftly removing mud, wetness, sand, and grime from your pet's coat after their outdoor adventures!

๐Ÿพ 2. FAST ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRY: This bathrobe is exceptionally soft and ultra-absorbent, boasting superior water absorption capabilities to quickly soak up moisture after your pet's shower. It also doubles perfectly as a dog bathrobe or dressing gown.

๐Ÿพ 3. WIDE RANGE: Simplifying the drying process for your pooch and minimizing the risk of them shaking off excess water in your car or home. Ideal for drying your dog after a swim, muddy walk, or shower, offering a quicker and easier alternative to traditional dog drying robes.

๐Ÿพ 4. RANGE OF SIZES FOR ALL BREEDS: Whether you have a tiny Terrier or a large Labrador, we have the perfect size Dog Drying Bag for your furry friend. Each bag is spacious enough for your pet to lay down in comfortably, ensuring supreme comfort.

๐Ÿพ 5. EASY CARE: Suitable for both machine washing and tumble drying, making maintenance a breeze. It's recommended to wash before first use to prevent any potential color transfer, and wash deep colors separately for optimal care.

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