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Yorkie Ear Cleaning Solution

Yorkie Ear Cleaning Solution

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With the Yorkie Ear Cleaning Solution, your dog won’t feel uncomfortable and scratch his ears due to debris and dirt stuck inside. The solution is carefully formulated for dogs who are prone to ear infections. Thanks to the antibacterial effect it provides, your dog will have clean and healthy ears that won’t affect his quality of life.

It’s recommended to use it once a week by gently pointing the spout tip into the ear canal. Squeeze the bottle to release enough solution and gently massage the area around the dog’s ear. By massaging the ear base, you’ll help the wax and debris to dissolve.

Repeat the procedure to another ear and use a clean cotton ball to remove the dirt. At the end of the process, you can allow your Yorkie to shake his head to release the rest of the solution from his ears.

Note that the ear cleaning process is quite messy, so we recommend you perform it in a specific place at home.

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