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Yorkie Paw Balm

Yorkie Paw Balm

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Yorkie Paw Balm was formulated with natural ingredients to meet Yorkshire Terriers’ needs. Guaranteed safe and deep moisturizing. Use every day for dry, chapped paws… even during extreme weather conditions.

Our Yorkie Paw Balm is made of only the best natural ingredients. It is a mixture of 9 natural ingredients, rich in oils, and can keep the skin hydrated all day long. And it features vitamin E and aloe vera, which is safe and harmless to dogs.

Ingredients: Natural propolis, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint oil, lemon citronella oil.
Dosage: Apply daily to pet feet or skin.
Efficacy: Softening crust, reducing cracking, moisture feet, health protection & preserves silky skin.

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